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The proposed RV Park, a multi-million dollar commercial development would be situated in a residential and agricultural section of Lake Anna on the Upper Pamunkey. The developers are seeking a Special Use Permit (SUP) for the site which is currently zoned Resort-Agricultural.

The developers of the proposed RV Park are planning 300 RV sites as well as 49 boat slips in this incredibly shallow area of the lake that has been ground zero for the harmful algae bloom that is plaguing the lake and growing each year.

WHY ARE WE CONCERNED? The stakeholders opposed to this development are full-time residents, property owners, weekenders, vacationers, and the community at large.

This development would set a devastating precedent, bring more negatives than positives to the community, exacerbate the existing HAB disaster, and threaten the safety of Lake Anna stakeholders on the water and the roads.

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LACA has stepped up and provided significant work on opposing this development. Check out their website for a wealth of information.

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It Doesn't Fit the Spotsy Comp Plan

This Special Use Permit (SUP) request by the RV Resort developers will effectively enable what is clearly a commercial development. This would not fit in with either the existing or the proposed comprehensive master plan for the county.

Call it What it Is: Commercial Development

The property being considered for a SUP is zoned Resort Agricultural. The purpose of an (R-A) district is to "provide for low-density, single-family detached residential and agricultural uses in a rural setting on or near a lake". 300 RV pads is a big leap from the intent of zoning, not a simple extension of the by-right.

Creating a Devastating Precedent

Spotsylvania County has roughly 1,700 acres of resort agricultural zoned land. If this RV project gets passed, with 300 paved RV lots and 49 boat slips, the ripple effect could be devastating.

Where's the Benefit to the County?

Paved over land with RVs that aren’t necessarily registered in Spotsy, isn't going to provide benefits to the constituents or the county's coffers. The developer's math isn't adding up. This is a bad deal for the county.

Don't Make a Bad Situation Worse

Additional boat traffic in the Upper Pamunkey's very shallow water will churn up the very nutrients that feed the HAB. Why would we feed this monster when so many are working hard and gaining funding (public and private) to solve it?

Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB)

The RV developers stated "If we destroy your water, we kill the goose that lays our golden egg". Considering the fact that the proposed site is at ground zero of the HAB outbreaks and "no swim" advisories ... well we don't know what they're thinking.

Adding Stress on our Rescue Services

Combine high density camping, RVs (with gas or diesel onboard) and outdoor fire pits, and you get some serious fire dangers. Add 49 boat slips and you get some serious boating accidents. Add 300 RV sites and you get some serious drowning risks. Can Spotsylvania County fire and rescue cover these additional dangers without increasing staff and equipment?

Can We Learn From the Past?

In the early days of the lake, there was a DWR boat ramp adjacent to the 522 bridge immediately across from the proposed development. On a busy weekend, there might only be 25 boats launched from this location and it was determined to be an unsafe section of the lake and closed. Reintroduction of 49 boat slips is unacceptable and is not appropriate at the northern end of Upper Pamunkey Creek.

Rental Boats Add a Unique Element of Danger

Did you know that you can rent a boat in Virginia without taking the boating safety course? Unlicensed, uneducated, inexperienced boater are already a real concern on Lake Anna. Adding 49 boat slips will just add to an already dangerous situation.

Narrow, Shallow, Dangerous Boating Environment

The entire Upper Pamunkey Creek which is 3 miles long has approximately 88 slips. It has taken close to 50 years for this to occur. To add 49 slips overnight will inevitably create a dangerous boating environment on one of the most narrow, shallow and curvy parts of the lake.


The ideal development of this property would preserve the agricultural value while providing steady revenue to the county with a low burden on county resources, a favorable environmental impact, and of course a successful scenario for the owner/developer. We are not against development. We are against reckless development.

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LACA has valuable information related to this project

We are not affiliated with LACA or any individual HOA. However, we do encourage stakeholders to join LACA and check out their detailed overview of the Four Seasons RV development? Lots of valuable info:

Learn more about the project

Want to learn more? Watch the video from the Four Seasons RV Resort's June 2021 public meeting.

Defend Lake Anna

Working to protect Lake Anna from all reckless development.

Our current focus is educating Lake Anna's stakeholders about the RV park development being proposed at the end of the Upper Pamunkey, one of the most shallow portions of the lake that has been battling the worst of the harmful algae bloom for the last several years.